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Blower Filter Unit (BFU)

There is a filter box inside the BFU, and a blower is installed in it to prevent the HEPA Filter static pressure loss. Therefore, it can be installed independently to improve cleanliness. It is possible to configure a system that can reduce the static pressure of the blower of each equipment by connecting the air handling unit (AHU) or precision air conditioner with a duct. It is mainly used in cleanliness conditions of less than Class 10,000, and it can be manufactured to automatically increase the rotational speed using a BLDC motor when the filter is contaminated.

Inverter type

Negative Pressure Unit

Application field: Industrial clean room (ICR)

Model Dimension (WxDxH) Filter size (WxLxT) Electrical Specification
Power consumption
Air Volume
BF-BD432-610-610 750 x 750 x 680 610 x 610 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 113 17 / 15 / 12 Under 62
BF-BD432-610-762 750 x 902 x 810 610 x 762 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 400 19 / 17 / 14 Under 65
BF-BD432-610-915 750 x 1055 x 810 610 x 915 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 400 21 / 18 / 15 Under 65

Main control unit (MCU)

Negative Pressure Unit


Power specification Rated input voltage: single-phase AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Current consumption: 250mA or less
Rated operating voltage: DC 5.0V/A
Cooling type Air Cooled type
Forced ventilation is required when installing in a confined space
Communication type Specification: RS-485 Multi-drop 32Point
Connector: Modular Jack 6p4c RJ11
Features Control and monitor up to 32 units
Individual and group operation status and control are possible
LED error indication when an alarm occurs

Local control unit (LCU)

Negative Pressure Unit


Power specification Rated input voltage: single-phase AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Communication type Specification: RS-485 Multi-drop 32Point
Features Controller for exclusive use of BLDC motor
Alarm display function
Overcurrent detection, short circuit detection between motor wires
Over speed detection
Remote control through communication
Fan speed control (Linear control)

Medical Clean Unit (MCU)

Medical Clean Unit is a product manufactured and installed for the purpose of maintaining cleanliness necessary to create a clean and comfortable indoor environment to maintain the health of patients such as operating rooms, isolation rooms, and intensive care units of hospitals. According to the global trend, low-noise and low-power products that are differentiated from the existing ones are being demanded for a comfortable life, environment-friendly, and low-energy hospital facilities for occupants. We launched a differentiated low-noise, low-energy Medical Clean Unit through ceaseless efforts to meet the needs of these customers and through continuous research and development, and we want to provide the best products to build better clean room facilities. The biggest feature of the product is the ability to select and use the air volume suitable for the user's indoor environment, and also prevent the decrease in cleanliness due to the air volume reduction due to contamination of the HEPA filter.

Inverter type

Negative Pressure Unit


Bio Clean Room (BCR)-operating room, intensive care unit, positive pressure isolation room, negative pressure separation room, laboratory, etc.

Model Dimension (WxDxH) Filter size (WxLxT) Power Specification
Power consumption
Air Volume
MC-610-610-F150-R 1810 x 755 x 550 610 x 610 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 140 17 / 15 / 12 Under 45
MC-610-762-F150-R 1810 x 907 x 550 610 x 762 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 180 19 / 17 / 14 Under 46
MC-610-915-F150-R 1810 x 1060 x 550 610 x 915 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 214 21 / 18 / 15 Under 48
MC-610-1220-F150-R 1810 x 1365 x 550 610 x 1220 x 150 1 x 220 x 60 Under 220 23 / 19 / 15 Under 48

Simple control using RS-485 communication

The new MCU is a product that can be used by connecting to a clean room controller without a separate Local Control Unit (LCU) by using the RS-485 communication output provided from the self-developed embedded PCB. Since a separate LCU is not required, cost reduction can be expected, and basic functions provided by the built-in PCB include On/Off, air volume control, and group control.

Pass Box

To prevent the dust and other bacteria from be carried in and keep the cleanliness effectively, it is most important to restrict and minimize the movement and the entry of the people from outside. Pass Box is one of clean units which you carry in and out goods while maintaining a purification class in clean room. Pass Box is to be placed at the boundary between clean rooms to prevents inhalation of contaminated air.

Negative Pressure Unit

Standards Pass Box

The standard Pass Box is the most widely used for clean rooms. There is an interlock device that does not open the other door when one door is opened. The sterilizing Pass Box has a function of sterilizing the surface of the item with an ultraviolet lamp inside.

Air Shower type Pass Box

The Air Shower type Pass Box removes dust particles adhering to the surface by blasting clean air at a wind speed of 25 m/s or more per second to incoming goods. After the contaminated air is purged from the suction port through the pre-filter and HEPA filter, it is circulated through the discharge nozzle. It is also possible to attach a bowler to the bottom of the unit to facilitate movement when carrying goods.

Negative Pressure Unit
Model W W1H H H1 D
ARPB-554 650 500 560 500 400
ARPB-556 650 500 560 500 600
ARPB-574 650 500 760 700 400
ARPB-576 650 500 760 700 600
ARPB-754 850 700 560 500 400
ARPB-756 850 700 560 500 600
Structure Main body: Steel plate being baked finish painting or SUS 304
Floor: SUS 304
Disply window: colorless transparent glass
Case Color Standard color; Beige (Could be changed by order)
Type N type: No interlock B type: Buzzer included
M type: Interlock included L type: Lamp included
  I type: Intercom included
  UV type: Sterilization lamp included


The cleanliness level of a clean room greatly influences the performance of the clean room by the collection efficiency and ventilation frequency of HEPA, that is, the attachment method and number of installations. In particular, HEPA has a high efficiency of 99.97 ~ 99.99% of 0.3㎛ particles, so if there is a fine gap in the HEPA Box, it does not exhibit sufficient performance. Our HEPA Box is manufactured as a complete and reasonable box by special bonding method and welding based on our achievements and experiences.

Negative Pressure Unit
Model HEPA Filter size
Air Volume
HEPA Box size
ARHF-1011 305 x 305 x 150 4 375 375 450
ARHF-1012 610 x 305 x 150 8 680 375 450
ARHF-1013 610 x 610 x 150 17 680 680 450
ARHF-1014 610 x 610 x 292 32 680 680 550
ARHF-1015 640 x 760 x 150 20 680 830 450
ARHF-1016 640 x 760 x 292 40 680 830 550
ARHF-1017 610 x 915 x 150 25 680 990 450
ARHF-1018 610 x 915 x 292 50 680 990 550
ARHF-1019 610 x 1220 x 180 32 680 1320 550
ARHF-1020 610 x 1220 x 292 60 680 1320 600

Air Shower

In the Clean Room, Bio Clean Room such as the most clean atmosphere, the main source for the dust and the bacterium is the people's entry. Before entering to the inside of the place, the man should remove the particle attached on the surface of the clothes by blowing from the high-speed-clean air(25m/sec). Furthermore, the people's entry is restricted and it also have the good effects on the Air Shower which play a role in a spare room and prevent the open air from going inside

Negative Pressure Unit


1.By blowing and letting the strong air pass through the HEPA Filter, the developed fan for the Air Shower removes the dust, bacterium effectively which are attached on the surface of the clothes caused by Jet Nozzle.(0.3㎛ particle, efficiency more than 99.97%)

2. It prevents the air from the contamination from outside and maintain the pressure as the high-pressure by the clean air passing through the HEPA Filter. Thus, it keeps the entire cleanliness level and acquires the perfect clean effect.

3. The fan operates when the people enter inside and the function of operating time is locked inside of the clean room’s door and the configuring time is interlock systematized not to be entered.

4. The shower time can be adjusted by the Timer(5~30 Sec.)

5. In the Shower Room, it is required to move the body for touching of the air to the all body, and at least the body should be twisted more than 2 times thoroughly, and if the distance between the arm and the body is more than 10cm, the effectiveness will be improved.

  Section ARAS-752A ARAS-752B ARAS-1402
Performance Dust collection efficiency Main body: Steel plate being baked finish painting or SUS 304
Jet air volume 24CMM 12CMM 48CMM
Number of purification 120 times/hour
Nozzle 12pcs 6pcs 24pcs
Interior lighting 20W×1Set 20W×2Set
Power Consumption (When operating Air Shower)
845VA 3520VA
Structure and material Main body Stainless and steel plate being baked finish painting
Floor Adhesive mat
Filter material PRE Filter Non-woven
Main Filter HEPA(610×610×150)
Control switch Switch for air jet (Automatically and manually adjustable control)
Switchs for blowers and lighting
Power AC 220V / 300V 3Ph 60Hz
Door size 770 mm 1400 mm

Clean Booth

Clean Booth is a structure with HEPA filter built-in on top and surrounded by vinyl curtains on all sides. There are fixed ceiling type and mobile type, and it is vertical laminar flow type clean room which can provide high cleanliness up to Class 100. Since a little positive pressure is maintained in the Clean Booth, external air does not enter, so you can always maintain high cleanliness.

Negative Pressure Unit
Type ARCB-100 ARCB-200 ARCB-300
A 1600 1600 2100
B 1000 1000 1500
C 1500 2000 2000
Section ARAS-752A ARAS-752B ARAS-1402
Dust collection efficiency  0.3μm particle, over 99.97% (D.O.P Test)
Blowing air speed Over 0.35m/s
Circulation air volume 36CMM 48CMM 96CMM
Filter PRE Filter Over A.F.I 85%
HEPA Filter Over 0.3μm 99.97% (D.O.P Test)
Structure and material   Unit Steel plate being baked finish painting
Side plate Colorless transparent glass or acryl
Front plate Over Vinyl 0.5mm (Thikness)
Filter material PRE Filter Non-woven
HEPA Filter Over 0.3μm 99.97% (D.O.P Test)
Color Ivory
Fluorescent lamp 40W x 2pcs 40W x 3pcs 40W x 4pcs
Power AC 220V 3Ph 60Hz